Big Changes:

  • Completely new cartography
  • Completely new aeronautical data
  • new airport directory
  • new overview maps
  • new Captain's Corner
  • Expanded Area
  • 16 additional pages cartography
  • now 224 pages content
    • 158 pages maps
    • 39 pages Captain's Corner
    • 27 pages overviews
  • complete Atlas is printed in color
  • with ICAO-codes, waypoints,
    VOR's, NDB's, etc.
  • restricted, prohibited and danger areas
  • High quality, foiled cover
  • size 20 x 28cm / 8 x 11 inch
  • 29.99 EUR incl. 7% VAT + p&h

Absolut Zero - the pilot's atlas company

The Pilots Atlas App

The Pilots App in an all-in-one map source, also usable offline. It includes topographical maps of the entire world scalable to 1:1,6 Mio. (SD-version) or 1:0,8 Mio (HD-version) - you can select what you want SD or HD (HD needs more memory on your iPad, there are no additional costs for the HD-version). Of course thousands of cities, highways, rivers, boundaries, lakes, railways and ferry-routs are included. You can download either one or up to all 6 continents. Create your own map style by switching on/off more than 16 different map layers and 14 different aeronautical-databases (airports, waypoints, navigation-aids) and POI´s (points of interest). The POI´s are subdivided in 8 different types (bridge, building/tower, glacier, dam/lake, landmark/ nature park, mountain/ peak, race track/ stadium and volcano). Also there are two additional POI-features: "POI´s along the trip" and "POI´s around me".Insert, store and/or edit your flight plan by using ICAO/IATA-codes, waypoints, VOR's NDB's or Lat/Long. Find a positions around the world with a special Lat/Long-finder. The first 4 zoom levels are for free, for using all options/ data´s please buy one area. With the free-version in the Apple-App-store you will get two "check-out-areas" (New York and Shanghai) in both areas you can see and check all App-features.