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Size: 45 cm x 65 cm only l,5 mm thick. (18' x 25', thick: 1/16')
Quality: PVC-matte finish scratch resistant, on non skid backing
Suggested retail price: EUR 17,50 incl. 7% german VAT
Publisher/Copyright: absolutezero multimedia GmbH, D- 41189 Mönchengladbach
Aeronautical Datas: Jeppesen GmbH Neu-Isenburg
Satellite-photo: WorldSat International Inc., Canada
Description: The fascinating view of our Earth from the Astronaut's eye. The Pilots World Satellite Wall Map. High-resolution satellite imagery in a photo quality, laminated print, 88cm x 150cm. The specialty for Pilots lies in the exact placement of over 550 airports and their ICAO codes. An Airport directory (with ICAO, IATA, Lat. Long., City, Country, Longest runway and airport name) is included with every print.